Mass Control Module


Mass Control Module is a great add-on tool for administrators like you.

It gives you the ability to ...

  • Mass move all the users to your current channel
  • Mass move just the viewable users to your current channel
  • Mass move all the users in this channel to another channel
  • Mass whisper and/or poke all the users on the server
  • Mass whisper and/or poke just the viewable users on the server
  • Mass whisper and/or poke specific server/channel group users on the server (coming up on next version)
  • And the great thing is? You never have to worry about incompatible with different APIs, because this code is strictly coded for the LUA plugin, which will ALWAYS gets updated automatically if TeamSpeak 3 were to upgrade the plugin API


    Ver 1.2 - Included self check (so it won't poke/move/message yourself)
    Ver 1.1 - Added Copyright Text + mass message command
    Ver 1.0 - Initial release


    1. Must be using client Beta-23 or above (because of the new Lua methods)
    2. Must have some ways to by pass anti-flood system (because mass poking + messaging would generate ALOT of spam)
    3. Must have downloaded this script (duh)

    Installation Steps

    1. Uncheck the Lua plugin in your plugins window (if you have it checked)
    2. extract the zip into a folder named masscontrolmodule (all lower cased) into the "lua_plugin" folder in your TeamSpeak 3 client's "plugins" folder.

    To make it clear, here's an example. If you installed your TeamSpeak 3 client in this directory:

    Example: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client

    then you'd extract this zip to this location:

    Example: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins\lua_plugin\masscontrolmodule

    3. check the Lua plugin again in the plugins window. done


    /lua run mm
    - Mass Move - Moves everyone (visible) to your current location
    /lua run mp <Your Message Here> - Mass Poke - Pokes everyone (visible) with the message supplied
    /lua run mmsg <Your Message Here> - Mass Message - Messages everyone (visible) with the message supplied
    /lua run mmp <Your Message Here> - Mass Message + Poke - Pokes + messages everyone (visible) with the message supplied

    there's also a g (global) version of the command: /lua run gmm, /lua run gmp, /lua run gmmsg, and /l

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