What is Winamp4Ts3?
Winamp4Ts3 is a small plugin for the Teamspeak3-Client. It controls the volume of winamp when somebody is speaking in Teamspeak.
- reduces the volume when you or somebody else is speaking in winamp or whispers with you.
- resets the volume of winamp back to 100% of it´s previous value when no one is speaking.

How to use?
Simply download the archive linked below and copy the winamp4ts3-xXX.dll (x86 for 32-bit, x64 for 64-bit) in your plugin folder in the Teamspeak3-Client directory. Afterwards, start the teamspeak client and activate the plugin.
For configuration, hit the config button. Choose your max. and min. volume. If you want to save the settings, start Ts3 as admin on Win7 and Vista.
-> Enjoy.
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