This plugin allows others also running it to see the song your playing in the info pane while you are select. Also allows for song being played to be send to channel chat. This release is heavy based on the Now Playing Pluging by 4nt1h4cker.

Usage is simple. Just download plugin file to your system. Open it and follow the on screen prompts.  To send the message to channel chat of the current playing song enter "/nowplaying foo". You can have the plugin auto send the now_playing message to channel chat every time a new song starts to play, great for music bots and can be configured to only auto send to one server. Just a warning though, these message count against the anti-flood system, so if enabled and you are quickly skipping tracks you can quickly get kicked from a server if you don't have the permission to prevent it.

Supported Players:

Future Plans:

I have some ideas for more on this plugin, but for now it basic and simple as I get back into C++ programing as its been years.

Support Thread:

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