Advanced Combat Radio Environment

We would like to introduce to you the ACRE mod, in production by various members of the A2 community. The ACRE mod links ArmA2 and Teamspeak3 to create a more immersive environment in which we play in, including positional audio, real radio communications and complete compatibility with the ACE2 ArmA2 project.

We intend to create the most realistic and immersive radio system within the current gaming world; based off of real life experience and knowledge, as well as the use of physical terrain obscuration, radio loss, distortion, and all other considers a real radio operator must make on a daily basis.

* 100% ArmA2, OA and OA Combined Arms Compatible
* Four ACRE-Specific Radios

. AN/PRC-117F man pack radio
. AN/PRC-119 man pack radio
. AN/PRC-148 handheld radio
. AN/PRC-343 personal role radio

* 100% ACE2 Compatible

. Integration with all ACE2 man pack radios, using default AN/PRC-119 statistics.

* PRC-148 now replaces the default ArmA2 'ItemRadio'
* Realistic GUI interfaces for radios, they are the real thing
* Directional speaking for non-radio, normal communications

. Real-time 3d positional information

* Realistic terrain affects for radios

. Signal lose & distortion from buildings, hills, trees, and other objects
. Realistic power output and antenna length considerations for all radios that effect signal
. Realistic frequency wavelength falloff; higher frequencies do not travel as far
. Real-time positional calculation for fast-moving objects

* Separate Push-To-Talk key (non-toggle) for using your radio

. If a person speaks on their radio and you aren't on that frequency, you can hear them 'directly'

* Multiple hotkeys and quick-displays for fast information about your radios
* Players can carry multiple radios on different frequencies

. Hot-swap radio hotkey
. Current radios selection menu
. Pop-up display on broadcast to know current radio in use

* Radios are now considered unique objects within the ArmA2 world

. Radios are droppable and maintain ALL settings for anyone who picks them up
. Program a radio and trade it with a player!
. Pick up your dead enemies radio and discover his platoon's frequency

* Man pack Radios have the ability to use 'PA' mode in a vehicle, broadcast at 40,000mW!
* Custom Squawk sounds for all radio transmissions (credits to Krause)
* Realistic distortion effects

. Normal broadcasting distortion
. Signal lose
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